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Don't Bypass the Emission Control System!

Posted by Lynna Bryan on

Even though Oklahoma repealed the vehicle inspection requirement in 2009, the laws mandating vehicle equipment requirements remain in effect. 

By statute, in Oklahoma a vehicle may not legally be driven or moved on any highway unless it is in safe mechanical condition and unless certain components are in good working order and meet adjustment standards. 

It is not uncommon for parts of the emission control system to be bypassed in certain trucks in an effort to gain increased fuel mileage. However, such bypass is strictly prohibited by law. Statutes specifically require the following:

  • The emission control system equipment shall be maintained in good working order.
  • No part of the emission control system shall be disconnected except temporarily in order to make repairs.
  • The system shall not be modified or altered in any manner.
  • No vehicle shall be operated while any part of the emission control system is disconnected, modified, or altered.

It is a "best practice" to inspect all vehicles for compliance with functional standards prior to being offered for sale. 

To help dealers document the vehicle's condition, a Vehicle Inspection form is available from ADR of Oklahoma. The form lists each of the required components and offers a place to indicate its functional status.

The following vehicle safety and emission control components must meet the indicated standards, as required by Oklahoma law.

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