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Retail Purchase Agreement / Multiform

Retail Purchase Agreement / Multiform

  • $ 6500

This Retail Purchase Agreement / Bill of Sale form is available exclusively from ADR of Oklahoma. The information on this form is required by both Oklahoma and federal law.

  • Contains complete description of both purchase and trade-in vehicles.
  • Documents dealership and customer obligations, rights, and remedies.
  • Includes the required FTC Buyers Guide reference language.
  • Includes the dealer warranty disclaimer.
  • Includes down payment/deposit receipt.
  • Includes required "We Owe" language.
  • Includes required Odometer Disclosure for both purchase and trade-in vehicles.
  • Includes 30-day notice title language.

8 1/2" x 14", 3-part, black and red ink on white paper.

100 per pack.

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